Jiu Jitsu Family Support


Feels great to have so much support from my Jiu Jitsu family.



31fifty made these shirts and sold them at the All Star tournament to help raise money for my treatment costs. The shirts sold out in under a half hour! It felt great to feel the support from everyone. Thanks again


Blog #3


Although I do feel weak today has been a good day so far!

I saw a lot of improvements from yesterday in the way I have been feeling. My day started with a 45 minute long walk to my dads, which is from 44th ave all the way to New Brighton middle school (around two miles). I know that I am getting better because I took that same walk just 2 days ago and felt terrible after words….I have improved so much in only 2 days, and although I have had to spend most of the afternoon laying down recovering, it feels great to get some exercise and a bit of sun.

After about a month of suffering I finally figured out that my eye sight is the reason I am getting nauseas and having migraines.

Glasses help somewhat but I need to find a permanent solution…


Again today my homie Ben came over and we had an intense juicing session, we made a super healthy vegetable juice of

  • Carrots (4lbs)
  • Celery (1 ½lbs)
  • Dinosaur kale (10 stalks)
  • Collard Greens (10 Stalks)
  • Curley Parsley (25 stalks)
  • Beet Root (1/3rd of a medium sized)
  • and ginger (Thumb Sized)

This recipe makes around 6 (1 cup) servings

…and you know what., it tasted really good!

I am incredibly thankful to have a friend like Ben, who has been by my side guiding me to a more nutritious diet. He is a great healthy lifestyle coach and is not just telling me what to eat, but is also teaching me why by breaking down all the cool nutrition science behind of the changes I have made. Without him as a driving factor in getting my diet healthy I don’t know if I would have been able to make drastic the changes I have made so far.

Although it has been a big change I am starting to feel the difference and can really tell how much of a benefit Vegetable juicing has been. Unfortunately fresh vegetables can be expensive and hope that I can find a way to help pay for the ingredients. Right now I am borrowing Ben’s Juicer but it has been pretty inconvenient so far…I really need buy my own juicer.

If you or anyone you know has a juicer for sale, let me know!

We are going to start measuring my progress so that I can track my health over the next few years. I have lost more than 20lbs in the last month and am down around 120lbs which is really scary for me to think about.


All I can do is stay positive and keep taking healthy steps towards recovery.

I have 3-4 years of Chemo ahead of me and need all the support I can get, this is a long road but with my friends, family, and your support I know that I will pull through.

This is not the blog of a kid with Cancer…this is the blog of someone getting healthy, but it is hard to stay positive when I think about how my life has changed.

I really do miss everyone from school and it is hard not seeing my friends all the time.

Big thank you to my girlfriend Noelle who has been typing this blog post for me, she has been a great secretary allowing me to dictate though her what I want to say.

And finally I owe a big thank you to everyone that has been supporting me through this, it has made all the difference knowing I have the support of so many good people.

If you can please leave a comment below I love hearing from you guys and I promise to keep you guys updated on my recovery.

Blog #2

Hello Everyone!

So last night was a tough one for me. My girlfriend and I got into a fight and it was just a little bit too much for me. For some reassurance we did resolve everything and we are still together 🙂 I probably haven’t talked about her to much which isn’t that good. Her name is Noelle Neff and we have been together for a while now, about 3 months and they have been they most amazing months of my life. She really is an amazing girl and she has done so much for me to help me through this long leukemia fight. I really love this girl.

One more person I want to talk about is a girl named Emi Tabb. This girl has been in my life for only a short period of time, but has impacted me so much in that little time. I was really able to see her true colors these last couple weeks with everything that’s been going on. This girl has not only donated her own money to my family and I, but is also setting up a kickboxing fundraiser that takes place on March 6th from 5:45-7;00. Please come for support! it would mean a lot to y family and it would be nice to meet everyone there that has been following me.

ill be posting more and more often now that Ive been feeling more and more better.

-Jeremy Montes

Chilling with my homie Ben

Jer JR Blog #2

now that I am starting to get better my eye sight has improved, that means I will start getting on my computer more often.

So this is my second post, It has been a couple of hours since my first post and I am feeling a lot better.  Right now I am chillin’ on my couch with my homie Ben Finnigan.

Ben is really into Vegetable Juicing and the Paleo diet, and has been teaching me how to eat healthier.  Besides that it has been fun hanging out and messing about all day.

Any ways. Please don’t stop emailing me.


Oh yeah, tonight my mom and I are going to her Crossfit class, that said I am pretty hungry and I hope we will stop and get something to eat on the way.

This is Jer. This is my first blog post


Hey this is a intro to my blog everyone.  This battle with leukemia is brutal but I am goining to work it out just like I did in my fights.

I am feeling a little bit better but am going to do independent studies for everyone at Soquel high reading this. there is gonna be some video clips coming up soon so spread the world and tell all your friends.