Chilling with my homie Ben

Jer JR Blog #2

now that I am starting to get better my eye sight has improved, that means I will start getting on my computer more often.

So this is my second post, It has been a couple of hours since my first post and I am feeling a lot better.  Right now I am chillin’ on my couch with my homie Ben Finnigan.

Ben is really into Vegetable Juicing and the Paleo diet, and has been teaching me how to eat healthier.  Besides that it has been fun hanging out and messing about all day.

Any ways. Please don’t stop emailing me.


Oh yeah, tonight my mom and I are going to her Crossfit class, that said I am pretty hungry and I hope we will stop and get something to eat on the way.


One thought on “Chilling with my homie Ben

  1. So glad your eyes are better and your blogging!!!! I’m so excited and happy for you!!! Ben is the best 🙂
    Can’t wait to have there for the baby’s ultrasound. Love you brother.

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