Blog #2

Hello Everyone!

So last night was a tough one for me. My girlfriend and I got into a fight and it was just a little bit too much for me. For some reassurance we did resolve everything and we are still together 🙂 I probably haven’t talked about her to much which isn’t that good. Her name is Noelle Neff and we have been together for a while now, about 3 months and they have been they most amazing months of my life. She really is an amazing girl and she has done so much for me to help me through this long leukemia fight. I really love this girl.

One more person I want to talk about is a girl named Emi Tabb. This girl has been in my life for only a short period of time, but has impacted me so much in that little time. I was really able to see her true colors these last couple weeks with everything that’s been going on. This girl has not only donated her own money to my family and I, but is also setting up a kickboxing fundraiser that takes place on March 6th from 5:45-7;00. Please come for support! it would mean a lot to y family and it would be nice to meet everyone there that has been following me.

ill be posting more and more often now that Ive been feeling more and more better.

-Jeremy Montes


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