How it all started

Jeremy Stephen Montes is 18 years old, a senior in high school, a surfer and World Championship medalist Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor.

On December 23rd 2012, he began the fight of his life. On this day he was abruptly diagnosed with T-Cell A.L.L.; Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. It came by surprise as the family was gathering for the holidays and preparing for Christmas eve the following day.

That evening, young Jeremy would find himself in the emergency room of his local hospital from internal bleeding that was a result of critically low platelets; caused by the Leukemia. Within an hour he was being transported to Stanford Cancer Center for further diagnosis and treatment. He and his family would spend the holidays in a cancer ward instead of in the comforts of home.

For Jeremy it would mean the delay of the things he had worked so hard to do; going to Senior Prom, Winter Formal, Homecoming, Graduating with his Class, Training for the 2013 World Championships and receiving his prestigious Purple Belt in the sport he loves. Now, instead, he would have to let those things go and begin fighting for his life.

He would immediately begin receiving chemo therapy to his brain fluid and heart to attack the cancer cells; however this would require that his own healthy cells would also be attacked. And so begins the pain and suffering that no child should ever have to endure; aching pain, nausea, loss of normal vision, weight loss, cups of pills that are supposed to make him better but make him feel worse.

His fight is ongoing, no 2 days being the same. Vision so blurred it makes him more nauseous than the chemo. Chemo so aggressive that he can’t remember the day’s events. Unable to walk to the restroom without help, unable to shower by himself, unable to sleep more than an hour before it all starts again.

His faith in his God, the love of his friends and family, and the prayers & support of others is what is carrying him through this journey. When the pain seems too much to bear; your prayers are answered and he wakes to fight another day.


4 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. Hi Jeremy. Just wanting to let you know that you are in my prayers for a fast & full recovery. You are strong, young and have the best of family & friends who if not by your side with you in person, are there in spirit. Love your cuz, Sandra

    • Jeremy,
      This is Thomas Rumsey, Just wanted to say hello and we are praying for you everyday! We miss you at the dojo and can’t wait for you to return. Thank you for sharing all of your updates during your fight. You are a true warrior bro. You have made so many people think about life at another level. Your family is just amazing!

  2. We all love you, Jeremy, and are praying for you several times per day. You are such a fighter, and will conquer this! Sending love, prayers and blessings…. Love, Ty, Crystal, Aaron & Gavin ❤

  3. Rest in peace brotha. No words can ever ease the pain that your family has endored but heaven just got that much better with your presents. Many prayers with you and your family

    Kevin R
    Tinguinha BJJ

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